E-bike Tours Vietnam FAQ

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How should I prepare for my Electric Smiles tour?

Comfortable clothes suitable for the weather. In Hanoi the weather is always humid, and although this won’t be a big problem when cycling in winter (you’ll get warm by pedaling), in summer it can get really hot and sticky. We provide helmets with an attached Vietnamese conical hat to protect you from sun, but you’ll need sun lotion and sun glasses. We don’t recommend flip-flops.

What if it rains?

In Hanoi it doesn’t rain very often, fortunately. But if you arrive on one of those days, we provide free rain coats. In case of heavy rain all day, if you booked a tour it will be reschedule for the next possible available date.

What is your cancellation policy?

It is possible to cancel the activity till 48 hrs before without any cost.

The cancelation of the activity between 48 hrs and 24 hrs before has a cost of the 50% of the total cost agreed. The 50% will be given back.

The cancelation of the activity in the last 24 hours will be completely charged. As well no discount shall apply if any of the people who agreed to form part of the tour should fail to appear at the departure point.

In the case of hard rain we evaluate with the guide the option of taking a walking tour of equivalent value or delay the bike tour waiting for better conditions (if possible).

About hiring a bike

What do I need to do to rent a bike?

For VIETNAMESE CITIZENS: valid Identity Document (Passport, ID, or driving license).

For REST OF THE WORLD: Passport.

The Document will be kept safely with us till the end of the rental time. As an option, we agree in CASH Deposit in the case is not possible to leave a Document.

Do I need insurance?


Do I need to leave a deposit?

If it is not possible to leave any documents, we may accept cash deposit equal to the full value of the bike.

Can I rent an electric bike for more than one day?

Yes. In that case, you will be provided with a recharger. You can charge the battery and it will be ready in four hours (more than 80% in just 1 hour).

Do I need to book a bike in advance?

In high season it’s highly recommended. When it is high season? All year long.  Sometimes we have large groups for tours and the risk to run out of bikes is real. You don’t want to miss the fun of the e-bike, do you?

Do you provide locks?

Yes, all bikes come with an integrated frame C-lock.

Is it safe to lock the bike overnight?

No, and if you do, you will be taking a huge risk to end up having to pay for a full new bike. Not to mention all hassle to have to report to police in Vietnam.

Do you provide helmets?

Helmets are not required by the Vietnam street code, but yes, we provide helmets included in the rental price.

Can I rent a push bike?

Yes, we can also provide them.  Please contact us in advance.

About the electric bikes

Do I have to pedal using an Ebike?

Yes. The e-bike is a bike than can bring you uphill with little effort but you still have to pedal. You can enjoy bike riding and in the meantime save your energy for your visit in Hanoi!

Is it safe?

Very safe. The engine will not take you to speed you can’t control.

You can control the power easily and, if anything were to happen, you can switch it off in a snap. Plus, the breaks are connected to the motor so you won’t get any surprise boost when you need to stop.

What if the battery dies?

The battery has enough capacity for you to enjoy a spectacular all-day-long ride in Hanoi or any of tours we offer. But if it runs out of juice do not worry. The e-bike is a normal bike when the motor is off. However, our leading guide always carry spare chargers and extra-batteries.

Can I rent extra batteries if I'm renting the bike for a few days?

Yes you can. Please contact us for details.

How fast can they go?

Our electric bicycles will provide you with assist up to 30 kph in the city, but you need to be providing a significant amount of your own pedal power to get to that top speed.

Why they can't go faster?

The intent of an electric bicycle is to be very similar to a conventional bicycle and that includes the speed that it can travel. If eBikes provided higher power assisted speeds then they would be regulated like a scooter/motorcycle which requires registration, license, insurance, etc. In addition, this would limit where eBikes can be ridden.

Bicycles and electric bicycles are great vehicles because they do not require registration, licensure, insurance, and there are so many places they can be ridden.

How far they can go?

That depends on the riding conditions (hills, headwinds, etc.), how much pedal power you are providing, and how much weight you are moving (yourself + cargo). Our Smart Motion mid-torque motor e-bikes can do up to 65km on rolling terrain with a fair power level.

Bicycles and electric bicycles are great vehicles because they do not require registration, licensure, insurance, and there are so many places they can be ridden.

How much power do they have?


Throttle or pedal assist?

Pedal assist adds assist as soon as you start pedaling. Yes we equipped them with a throttle to boost you in some occasions when necessary, but it is limited to 6kmph.

Can you get any exercise on an electric bicycle?

Absolutely! You decide how much exercise you want to get by adjusting the power assist level on the bike.

About cycling in Hanoi, Vietnam

Is Hanoi bike-friendly?

Hanoi is one of the most bike-friendly cities in South East Asia. There are no bike lanes in the city although the City Council has plans to implement them in the future. However, Hanoi traffic can appear chaotic, and the rules are that there are no rules.

Cycling in Hanoi can appear impossible when you look at traffic for the first time, but it is actually really easy. You need to understand that almost everyone on this country used a bicycle to cycle to school in the past, and that bicycles still present in Hanoi streets, so people are used to driving with them around. At the same time traffic in Hanoi and in Vietnam goes relatively slowly, mainly because as the rule is that there are no rules, anyone can expect anything from other drivers, and therefore it is best to go slow. That makes it easy for electric bicycles as you can easily achieve a traffic cruising speed of 20-25 kph.

All of our tours start with a comprehensive tutorial in riding in Hanoi traffic and are led by experienced local cycle guides who will guarantee to take you safely around the city in your tour.

How to cross?

Straight and steady, looking ahead, not to other drivers. Look straight and ahead where you want to go, at steady speed, not to slow not too fast.

Honking your horn

Yes, this is a key element of Vietnam traffic. People use it all the time, but not for complaining or yelling as in most other countries, it is used for communication, to alert others someone is coming, or to inform you that they are on your right or left. Don’t get crazy when you hear them, they are just informing you of their presence. Bikes are equipped with one, but nothing will work better than a shout.

Bird's eye view

 With a mid drive motor great for easy climbing and a low step over and an upright seating position for enjoying the view while also giving you a bird’s eye position in traffic – they are perfect for city and countryside touring.  



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